Friday, November 23, 2007

State Department Statement on Lebanon

State Department
Press Statement
Sean McCormack, Spokesman

Washington, DC
November 23, 2007


Today, due to a boycott of Hizballah Members and their allies, Lebanon's Parliament once again failed in electing a new president for Lebanon. With the expiration of President Lahoud's term at midnight tonight, the Lebanese cabinet will temporarily assume executive powers and responsibilities until a new president is elected by Lebanon's Parliament. This is the procedure stipulated by the Lebanese constitution, and will ensure that the government is able to continue conducting its business without interruption. The United States Government commends Lebanon's armed forces and security services for their stated commitment to ensuring law and order during this interim period, and we urge all Lebanese political groups to do their part to maintain calm and promote security for Lebanon's citizens.

Discussions should continue aimed at electing, as quickly as possible and according to the constitution and to democratic principles, a new Lebanese president who will stand for Lebanon's independence and sovereignty and uphold international resolutions. The United States and its allies will not waver in our support for the people of Lebanon as they defend their freedom against all attempts at foreign interference and intimidation.


Released on November 23, 2007