Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Susan E. Rice, U.S. Permanent Representative to the UN, Announcing an Additional $10 million U.S. Contribution to the Special Tribunal for Lebanon

The United States is pleased to announce that we will transfer an additional $10 million to the Special Tribunal for Lebanon. This brings total U.S. funding for the Tribunal to $30 million since its inception.

We applaud the brave and tireless work of the Tribunal’s staff members, who continue to carry out their duties in a professional, apolitical manner. The recent attack on three Tribunal staff members in Beirut is yet another attempt to create a false choice between justice and stability in Lebanon and to prevent the independent Tribunal from carrying out its Security Council mandate. We condemn such acts and again emphasize that efforts to discredit, hinder, or influence the Tribunal’s work must not be tolerated. The Tribunal must continue to operate according to the highest standards of judicial independence and integrity, and we have full confidence in its ability to do so.

The establishment of the Tribunal was a clear signal that Lebanon’s sovereignty is non-negotiable. We are confident that the work of the Tribunal can continue to help deter further violence and put an end to a tragic era of impunity for political assassinations in Lebanon. Until Lebanon is able to achieve this, it will be very difficult to secure the peace and stability that all Lebanese citizens deserve.

We commend all of the donor countries that have contributed to the Tribunal and we encourage the entire international community to continue to support the Tribunal, financially and politically.