Thursday, March 26, 2009

U.S. Government Provides Tactical Vehicles to the Lebanese Armed Forces

March 25, 2009 This week, the U.S. Government delivered another forty Humvees and nine sport utility vehicles to the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) through the port of Beirut.  To date, the United States has given the LAF 397 Humvees and will be deliver another 200 by the end of the year.
The LAF will use these modern tactical vehicles to carry out its key responsibilities, including its joint operations with UNIFIL in south Lebanon to support the implementation of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1701 and for quick deployment of LAF personnel throughout Lebanon.
The overall goal of U.S. military assistance to Lebanon is to strengthen the LAF and increase its capacity to defend Lebanon's territory.  Since 2006, the United States has provided over $410 million in equipment and training to the LAF.  The United States is committed to building the capabilities of the LAF and it will continue to support the government of Lebanon and the LAF to safeguard the peace, unity and sovereignty of Lebanon.

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